My Work

2017 - 2023 \ Co-Founded 1023 Diesel

Media \\

Podcast 180k+ Downloads

YouTube 300K+ Views

Socials 15K+ Followers

The most instrumental part of 1023 Diesels rapid rise to success was our media presence.

While at 1023 Diesel I focused on two primary forms of content ultimately accumulating nearly 190k podcast downloads and over 300K views on YouTube.

All based on one concept: How can we effectively teach and support the people we are here to serve?

Shop Talk Podcast 

Over 180K Podcast Downloads

Video Education

Over 300K YouTube Views

E-Commerce \\

Products 2,000k+ Managed

Growth 9 Million+ Online Sales

Traffic 30K+ Organic visits per month

Building and managing an effective E-Commerce store was my main project.

While under my management, my team and I grew 1023 Diesels E-Commerce branch from $0 to over $1-Million in annual sales by year two and to over $2-Million annual sales by year three.

I directly oversaw a team of 3-5 people, and indirectly 10-12 people.

    Large Catalog

    • Sourcing & validating over 2,000 products
    • Pricing and inventory management across
    • Collect & combine data from 50+ manufactures

    Online Support

    • Phone & online access to expert advice
    • Email automation for easy access to well written FAQ's
    • Huge catalog of videos & podcasts driving new shoppers to proper products pre-purchase


    • Proper sales tax management in all states
    • Full understanding of cart-platform specifics
    • SEO, Search and accessibility optimized focused site-wide

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