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How I got 2,976 Qualified Leads (Without Ads)

Discover how I generated 2,976 qualified leads without spending a dime on ads. By shifting from a typical sales strategy to a "Schedule a build call" system, every slot on my calendar was filled with qualified leads. This step-by-step guide will show you how I built this system and how you can replicate it for your business.
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Crafting an Offer (Like MailerLite)

Starting a small business can be overwhelming, but with MailerLite's all-in-one solution, you can manage your emails and more. Learn how to create an offer that's so good people would be stupid to say no.
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Recipe for My first 1,000 Orders

Discover the two key ingredients for finding your first 1,000 customers. Learn how building something you're passionate about and sharing that enthusiasm can drive sales and create a loyal customer base.
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Featured - Business Mindset

Inside the mind of an Entrepreneur

Amassing resources won't make you happy, but they will lift you out of poverty. I've been there. I started my last company with a negative net worth and over seven years, paid off my debt and increased my net worth significantly. Yet, nothing really changed. The key isn't how much you have but how you use it. If your resources bring joy, you're doing it right. If they bring misery, you're doing it wrong. Success isn't about money or validation—it's about finding your path.

What Happens When No One Knows You Exist...

Your business dreams are irrelevant if no one knows you exist. It's hard work running a business, but if you truly believe in your impact, you must stay relevant. Don't let the world ignore you. Consider what irrelevance looks like in the future and take action now.

Work First, Plan Later

Before starting a business, many believe they need a solid business plan. However, the truth is, plans often hinder progress rather than help. Here's why plans suck and the only plan you need for business success.

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