Crafting an Offer (Like MailerLite)

Crafting an Offer (Like MailerLite)

Hypothetical You

Let's pretend you just started a small company and need to find some way of managing and emailing your customers. You do a Google search and come across MailerLite, which shows up in your results.

You click the link, view their pricing page and see this:

Does it manage emails? Yes.

Turns out, it does a lot more than that, too.

It also handles transaction emails, campaign emails, A/B split testing emails, automation builders, pre-made templates, and more. And if that's not enough, it's also a website builder, landing page builder, blog, and so much more. — Cool.

As someone starting a business, this makes for a compelling offer. You get all the email tools you need to solve your email problem, plus a website builder that's easy to use, and it all costs less than $10 a month. It's not just solving one problem, but also giving you tools you didn't even know you needed (yet).

In fact, I was so impressed with MailerLite that I chose it for my own website and newsletter.

Remember when you subscribed? That was on a site built with MailerLite, and every email you've received from me has been built and sent using the same.

So why am I telling you this?

Because we're going to do some reverse engineering.

Remember last week, I said:

The best way to get new clients is to create an offer that's so good people would be stupid to say no

My MailerLite example is a great illustration of this.

Reverse Engineering

The obvious purpose of this list is to create separation between the different tiers.

The non-obvious purpose is to show you just how many features come with a given plan that will matter to their target audience (the buyer).

You came looking for one feature (sending emails) and found out it's cheaper than expected and gives you more than you hoped for.

As the creator of a product or service, it's natural to fully understand the depth of what you offer. But learning how to share why your expertise matters (the features and benefits) can be challenging.

So, how does this help you? - we will get to that!

These are some of the steps I took, that get my last company from 1-Million in sales to over 2-Million.

What We Learned

Listen to your customer.

This is part of understanding who your ideal customer is, what problems they face, and what their pain points are.

If you are on the front lines handling sales, you will hear what your customers want and don't want… They will tell you, and you should listen.

Rather than hate on them for complaining (It's a natural reaction) use those complaints to improve and use the questions they ask to learn where you can add to your offer.

There are a couple possibilities if you choose to listen, and all of them help you.

Possibility #1

You listen to their complaints, adjust to add what's lacking or add a new service. (i.e. adding education to post sale cycle to better train them on how to interact with you or use your product)

They get what they actually need, and you have happier customers.

Possibility #2

You listen to their complaints, find out they want something completely different from what you make, so now you know you are trying to sell to the wrong people. (not your ideal customer) You can adjust your marketing to attract a different crowd.

Either way, feedback is invaluable to you, and can make your offer the same to them.

A Good Offer

MailerLite started as a web design company. In the process of helping small businesses with design work, they saw a gap in offerings for email marketing and created a simple, intuitive email marketing platform.

By listening to what their customers complained about and asked for, (pain points) they also built tools like the website builder to better serve them.

Side note: They used the tools and expertise they already had to add to the offer that led me and hundreds of thousands of others to use them.

I am being forced to tell you this:

After I wrote this email, I requested MailerLite make me a partner (they approved).

While this was not sponsored by, approved by, or written for MailerLite I do love the product and I think you will too.

The button below and all links to MailerLite from this email are partner links. If you do decide to click those links and sign up, I will get a commission.