How I got 2,976 Qualified Leads (Without Ads)

How I got 2,976 Qualified Leads (Without Ads)

Today I am going to tell you how I built a system that gathered 2,976 qualified leads with zero dollars in ad spend and generated millions in revenue.

The concept is pretty simple. I shifted from the typical sales strategy of "Call us with your questions" (gross) to "Schedule a build call".

It changed the game.

Literally, every single slot I opened on my calendar was full of qualified leads and I never paid for a single ad.

Why? It placed the power in the hands of our (future) customer and offered a partnership rather than a parent to child sounding "talking to".

This week I'm going to tell you how I built the system, next week I will tell you how I drove people to it.

Ready? Here we go.

The Overview:

  • Set up an online form that qualified the leads
  • Redirect the form submission to calendar page
  • Called the lead at scheduled time (30 Minute Call)
  • Sent a post-call parts list

How it worked

Step 1: Building a form that qualifies the lead

I used an online form builder called

The form was three sections:

  • The purpose of the build call, describing the need
  • Section with pre-made drop downs
  • Section for lead to describe their goal

Section 1:

This was a short summary of the purpose, and what to expect. This section was between 100 and 200 words and started off by describing the lead's problem to them.

Something like:

"Are you tired of doing hours of research only to discover everyone has different answers, and no one seems to agree on solutions?

If you are in that boat wondering, how do I know which "XYZ" thing will work with MY "XYZ" and meets MY specific goals, this is the call for you.

On this call we will discuss your specific "XYZ" thing, your problems with it and your goals for it and come up with an exact plan for you.

Below are some questions we have to make sure we are prepared for the call.

After you fill out the questions, click the "Schedule Call" button and pick a time on my calendar.

Talk soon!"

Section 2:

Contained a set of 5-6 questions with pre-formatted answers in drop-down menus. This section was designed to ask questions that would speed up the call and also make sure the lead was informed and legitimate.

In my case, the questions looked like this (with corresponding drop down answers that only matched the type of trucks we advised on):

What year is your truck?
(List of years we supported)

What transmission does it have?
(List of transmissions those trucks came with)

What turbo does it have now?
(Stock or list popular modified options)

What size tires does it have?
(List of tire size ranges)

Section 3

Held 2-3 questions with text fields that asked the lead to describe their current problems and goals to us, in their words.

Questions like:

"Describe your current XYZ:"
- Text Field Here -

The last two questions asked for their name and email address.

At the bottom of the form was a button that said "Schedule Call"

When clicked, it submitted the form which sent me an email and redirected the lead to my calendar.

Form admin tip: When I set up the form, I made it so the lead's name was added to the subject line when it was emailed to me. That way, when the calendar event came up and it was time to call, I could easily search my email for their name and find the form they submitted.

Step 2: Setting Up The Calendar

For this step I chose Calendly they make it super easy to create a public calendar and manage your available schedule. It can be modified at any time to accommodate your schedule. Because the form simply redirects to the calendar link, I didn't need to modify the form when my schedule changed.

The calendar was pretty simple. I just asked for their name, their phone number and email address, then had Calendly email them a copy of the event and set it to remind them the morning of our call.

Step 3: Calling the lead

I called the lead at the designated time, with the form in front of me so I was prepared.

Every call started like this:

Hey (name of lead)! This is Dusty with 1023 Diesel. You filled out a build plan and scheduled this time to talk about your truck. Is now a bad time to talk?

This specific script worked because:

  • It told them purpose for the call
  • Reminded them that they asked me to call them
  • It launched us into the meat of the conversation quickly

It's a learned skill to be able to keep calls like this on track, and gather the right information within a short window, but practice was key and I got plenty of it.

After the call, I would send them an email as a reply to the form that was submitted outlining our talk. It included a list of parts as an invoice which would get them to the goal we discussed on the call.