What Happens When No One Knows You Exist...

What Happens When No One Knows You Exist...

Here is a hard but important truth.

Your business, and your dreams for it, are irrelevant if no one knows you exist - And no one knows you exist.

You might be thinking: "Gee Dusty.. that's a pretty crappy way to start off a Saturday morning"

Fair enough..

But if that truly burst your happy Saturday morning bubble, maybe it's a good thing.

Do you ever consider what irrelevant looks like for you, three, four, maybe even 10 years down the road?

If you are reading this, my guess is that you either have a business now, you used to, or plan to in the future.

You have to want more than just "a business" or you wouldn't put up with the hell it takes to keep one running.

  • Insanely long hours.
  • Interrupted (or missing) holidays.
  • Stress that keeps you up at night for weeks or months on end.

It's really freaking hard and no one does it unless they want more than their name on a business license.

That paper is not the "why".

For some people it really is just paper.. not the license, but green paper you can buy things with and they will do whatever it takes to get more of it because that is the only goal and that is their only why.

But for the rest of us, we feel a significant calling to create something that will, in its own way, make a positive impact on other peoples lives.

We will go through the unthinkable pain and stress to provide a good comfortable life for our families, employees, community, etc.. We do what we do with excellence and will endlessly pursue that, BECAUSE by it we will make the world a little more like we wish it looked.

I'm not saying this as a fluff piece to boost your ego if you already think this way. You have a HUGE responsibility.

I want to ask a few questions, and I really want you to think about them.

If you are the rare breed of human who truly believes that, through your work, you have the ability change even a small piece of peoples lives for the better, why are you allowing the world to ignore you?

If you believe that what you offer will not only give people what they want, but you believe that you can be a positive force for good to them, why would you let those people get swindled by a conman whose only goal is to take their money and leave them more empty than than before?

And another question.. if you DON'T believe that you, through your business, can have such impact, then why are you even doing it?

If you truly believe in what you do, it's your responsibility to be relevant because everyone who doesn't know about you is going to choose someone else. Someone else is not you, and no one cares like you do - right?

So, back to the first question. If you believe your business and dreams matter, what does irrelevant look like in three, five or ten years?